Unlock Your Body’s Potential with Thai Massage: Flexibility and Healing

Unlock Your Body's Potential with Thai Massage: Flexibility and Healing

Thai Massage promotes relaxation, mobility and improved circulation of energy. The massage incorporates the stretching of yoga, acupressure as well as compression.

Generally, people feel exceptionally at ease and supple after their treatment. It is nevertheless important to be aware of how your body reacts to treatments. See a doctor when the symptoms are not resolved.

Flexibility and ease of movement

The mobility of the joint is dependent not only on elasticity, but also the shape and position of the bones that make up the joint and the condition of the tendons, ligaments and other joints that connect them. They can be too tightly and hinder the energy flow essential to human health. The decreased flow of energy can affect the body’s posture as well as functioning of the internal organs, and general health and balance.

Thai Massage is a full body workout that includes movement, stretching and manipulation that increase flexibility and improve mobility. The massage therapist Hoi An Viet Nam massage can get to areas that are difficult to reach using other types of massage.

Thai Massage helps reduce stress and tension. The soothing ambiance and regular movements facilitate a profound mind-body connection that allows the user to relax and let go. The calm state of the mind is able to ease chronic pain like headaches, backaches, and migraines.

Thai massage has many benefits

Thai Massage is a very beneficial treatment option for all kinds of problems. It relieves tension in the neck and back, improves posture, lessens depression and anxiety, energizes the body and boosts blood circulation. It also helps cure chronic fatigue as well and improve athletic performance.

Thai massage incorporates stretching, Acupressure, as well as energy work. The practitioner utilizes their hands to compress, pull, and rock the client. The client is fully dressed and lying on the mat.

In the ancient Thai healing, there are invisible energy lines that run through the body called Sen. According to the traditional Thai medicine the energy lines carry vital life force within the body, and are responsible for all physical and mental processes. The energy channels may be blocked and cause discomfort or disease. Massage along these energy channels helps break down the energy blockages and promotes the flow of healing energy. This helps to balance and align the yin-yang energy of the body.

Thai Massage Techniques

Additionally to stretching the body, and relaxing stress, Thai Massage may also improve energy flow. The body is thought to contain invisible pathways called Sen. (Similar to how blood vessels move vital nutrients to our body.) When these lines become blocked, disease and dis-ease occur.

It involves assisted stretching joints, joint rotations, as well as using the feet, hands or elbows. It also involves knuckles, elbows or fingers. Practitioners also learn how to “palpate’ (touch) the body in the Sen lines. This is a technique that is believed to help facilitate a free flow of life force and maintain a healthy equilibrium.

Many believe that this 2,500 year old healing system is based on the principle of Metta that is Loving Kindness. This is the principle for every treatment and is evident in the gentle manner of every practitioner. The massage therapists of Vitality Float Spa are trained to provide massages with an attentive presence that helps to encourage relaxation and calm and peaceful mindset.

The Thai Origins and Philosophies

Thai Massage has a history that dates back 2500 years. It is a combination of Buddhist, Ayurvedic, and Indigenous Pagan Thai spiritual influences. It was taught mostly through word of mouth and it remained an integrated practice with the body, mind, and the spirit are considered as one.

It is believed that the origin of Thai massage originated from a physician from northwestern India who was the Buddha’s personal physician and is known through various names found in Buddhist texts (such for example, Jivaka Komarpaj, Shivago Komparaj). It is believed that this man was the originator of many herbs and massage techniques. Also, he is credited as being Buddha’s personal physician.

This ancient system of healing relies on the concept that energy channels referred to “sen” and appear invisible, are a part of our bodies. They are very similar to Chinese meridians or Indian nadis. The theory is that when the channels become stuck or sluggish there are emotional and physical imbalances that may occur.

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